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Abby Major is running for State Representative in the Special Election to succeed longtime State Representative Jeff Pyle who recently retired. The election is being held on the May 18th Primary Election Day. The district includes portions of Armstrong, Butler, and Indiana counties.


As a mother who was born and raised here, a veteran who served in Iraq and Chief of Staff to Jeff Pyle, Abby is running to guarantee rural residents continue to have a strong voice in the State House by ensuring our election process is fair for all voters, enabling working families and seniors to keep more of their money and standing up for our conservative values in Harrisburg and here at home.


Abby’s ancestors can be traced back at least five generations in Armstrong County. Like many others in our area, she comes from a hard-working family that has experienced their share of struggles – even seeing her parents lose their home because of the high cost of property taxes.


Abby will go to Harrisburg and use these experiences to reform state government and force it to work for middle class families and seniors. She will fight for the issues that residents in Armstrong, Butler and Indiana counties care about most: lowering taxes – especially property taxes, having access to good paying jobs, quality schools for their children and affordable health care for their families.

After graduating from high school, Abby moved away to serve our country in the United States Army, but she did return home because that is what western Pennsylvania is for her - home. Even when Abby was living in other states or countries, her home of record was always Kittanning.


Abby Major is a fighter – both literally and figuratively. She joined the military after high school because she knew her family could not afford to send her to college. During her service, Abby deployed to Baghdad and earned numerous awards and ribbons for her distinguished military service to our country.


For over 10 years, she has served local families as Chief of Staff to Representative Jeff Pyle. During some of these years, Abby worked a second job at Curran Shaffer Funeral Home to support her family while earning her bachelor’s degree – all while raising her child as a single mother. She could not have done it without her family’s support, and she is grateful for them and all their help.


Growing up in Manor Township and now living in Ford City, Abby knows this district is full of working class, conservative women and men who care about issues the need to protect our Constitutional rights and our 2nd Amendment rights, defending our pro-life values and preserving our individual liberties. Serving the residents of Armstrong, Butler and Indiana counties and supporting their priorities will always be Abby’s focus in the State House.


Cut wasteful spending and oppose higher taxes
Help create jobs to enable our families to succeed
Defend our 2ND Amendment and conservative values
Reform Harrisburg and ensure elections are fair for all

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